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When you lose a loved one, there are decisions to make. The first thing you will decide is which funeral home you will use. After your loved one is in good hands, you can decide between traditional services and cremation services. If you are going for cremation, the only thing you have to have is a cremation package. However, you can add whatever you want to that package. The most popular thing that people add to packages is an urn for their loved one’s remains. Here are a few things to know about that choice.

Capacity Matters

You can use an urn you’d like, but you are going to want one that will hold your loved one’s remains. You can get two urns to split your loved one, if you want, but if you just want one, you need one in the proper size. The cremation provider can help you with your loved one’s urn size based on their height and weight. Get that size or anything larger than that size to make sure the urn will hold your loved one’s remains.

Exterior Measurements Help With Placement

While the interior can be of a certain size, it’s the exterior size you will need to measure in order to figure out where you will place the urn, either during a service or in your home, among other places. It’s important to save enough room for the urn on a memory table, for example, or on the fireplace mantel at home so you have a nice place to store their remains in a location of honor.

Funeral Home Uses Whatever Urn You Choose

While funeral homes are going to have urn options to consider, they will use whatever urn or container you choose for your loved one. If you get an urn from another vendor because they had better prices or because they had the unique option you wanted, the funeral home will be glad to use it instead. They just want you to be able to honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit.

Urns Can Be Rented

If you are going to scatter your loved one’s ashes right after their memorial service, you may not need an urn that you will use permanently. To save on funds and to prevent waste, you might rent an urn instead. The funeral homes will likely have options to consider where urn rentals are concerned. That can help you to give your loved one a nice service without having to purchase an urn if you don’t really need one for them.

Pre-Purchasing Is Possible

Those who plan their cremation services ahead of time can plan as much as they want. You can even buy an urn for yourself, if that is something that you want. The urn can be bought at any time, even if you don’t need it right away. You can get the urn you want set aside for you so it is ready for use when the time comes.

cremation services

Variety Is Huge

As you might assume, there are tons of different urns that you can use for cremation services. Everyone can find something that works for their loved one and their family.