Attending A Celebration Of Life After Cremation Services

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Celebrations of life are becoming very popular for families to enjoy after cremation services. They are a nice way to honor someone and they are easy to customize and make unique. Your loved one was special and they deserve services that are as unique as they were. If you are invited to a celebration of life service, it might be your first time attending one. Or, perhaps you have been to plenty of them. Either way, you are going to want to know what things you are going to want to do for those services.

Understand The Tone

Celebration of life services, in general, are much more casual in tone than other memorial events. But the tones can vary from one to another. One service might be a dance party while another might be a feast-like picnic in a park. You are going to want to understand the tone of the celebration so you can attend with the right attitude and attire.

Dress According To The Event

The cremation providers are there to help you every step of the way, especially when it comes to what you need to wear to such services. You can call them any time for advice. You are going to want to wear something that works for your event. If it’s a party in a park, casual makes sense. If it’s an escape room, you want comfort, and so on.

Get There On Time

Even though life celebrations are more casual in nature, you should do your best to get there on time out of respect for the family. It’s still a final service, even though it’s more casual. If the event is an open house, then you can come any time between the open hours. Don’t overstay your welcome or arrive too early.

Talk To The Family

When you arrive at the event, at some point during the celebration, you are going to want to talk to the family members who are grieving. Let them know you are sorry for their loss. Share a funny story about your loved one, perhaps, and tell them you have been thinking of them. It’s nice for them to know you are there and they will appreciate hearing from you.

Participate In The Activities

The family arranged certain things for their loved one’s services. Whatever activities they have arranged, participate in them. That can help you to honor their loved one in the way they see fit. You want to respect their choices and move forward with them by your side.

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Consider A Nice Gift

You can bring a gift to the family when you celebrate their loved one’s life. If they are having a picnic, bring a dessert, for example. When you attend a dance party, bring a CD the person adored that the family can use. You can also bring a card with money in it, gift cards, and other such things.

There are lots of things families can do around cremation services, including life celebrations.