Celebrating Big Days After Cremation Services

cremation services

It can be quite a shock to lose a loved one. Once the shock wears off and you decide to have cremation services, you may feel like you are in a fog as you go through the motions, make decisions, and have memorial services for that special person. As time goes by, you start to heal and find a new sense of normal. But if there’s anything that can re-open those old grieving wounds, it’s a special day. Whether it’s your loved one’s birthday, an anniversary, or a holiday, getting through big days can be a struggle. Here are some ways to celebrate and get through those moments.

Stick To Some Old Traditions

There might be some things that you always did with the person on those big days. On their birthday, if you always got an ice cream cake to share with the family, continue that tradition. On your anniversary, if you always went to the same place to eat, go there, but take family with you instead. Doing some of the things you used to do can be honoring to them and it can help you create a new sense of normalcy to do those things in different ways.

Create New Memories

Instead of the old traditions, you might want to create new traditions and memories on those days. If you and your loved one always went out to eat on their birthday, have a family potluck at your house instead to honor their memory and start something new. Doing new things can help to include their memory, but start something different that might be easier for you to carry on doing without them.

Honor Your Loved One In Some Way

Just because your loved one isn’t there with you doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to honor their on those days. You might just tell stories with your family on that day or write them a letter about what they’ve missed and how much you miss them. You can also post something on social media about them or do any number of other things.

Donate To Charity In Their Name

IT’s always nice to support a charity and if you do so in your loved one’s name around a special day, like their birthday, it can mean even more. Donate to something they would appreciate and might have even supported themselves to make it the most meaningful.

Gather With Family

Your family was there when your loved one passed on and they are still there for you now. Gathering with other family can help you to remember how much you have in your life, even though one person is missing.

cremation services

Arranging cremation services is always going to feel hard, but so is getting through big days and events in the future without the person who passed on. The professionals at Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home have more tips and ideas to help you through those hard times with grief resources. Give us a call whenever you need us.