Choosing A Cremation Urn

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Once you decide that you want to have cremation services for a loved one who has passed on, that’s one big decision out of the way. And you can choose a cremation package for your loved one and have that be the end of your decisions, if that’s what you want. But many people like to add things to the cremation process, like an urn for their loved one. Here are some of the things you will want to consider if you decide to move forward with getting an urn.

Find Out What Size You Need

Before you purchase an urn that isn’t going to fit your loved one, you need to find out what size they need. Like with a casket, there are different sized urns. Your loved one needs a certain urn size based on their height and weight. You can get something larger, but you need to get something at least a certain size so all of their remains will fit. The professionals can let you know what size to look at.

Consider Your Budget

It’s also smart of you to think about the budget you have available for the urn purchase. Urns come in a wide variety of prices and you can get something that works at an inexpensive rate or something rare that is quite costly. Cover what your loved one needs first and then figure out how much you have left to spend on the urn.

Look At Options With The Provider

The funeral home is there to help you with everything you want and need to do for your loved one’s final services, including looking at the urn options. It’s nice to look at the urns in person so you are able to hold them, inspect them, and see what draws you in. If they don’t have something that stands out to you, you can always get something from another vendor. But at least looking at the urns with the provider can help you get things in order within your mind.

Remember Functions You Need

Urns are containers, for the most part, but they can also serve other purposes and you will want to think about their functions when you try to get something for your loved one. For example, the urn can function as a focal point at a memorial service. If it’s something people are going to see, you want a certain beauty in it. If you are going to use it to scatter ashes, you might want something that makes that process easier. There are a variety of functions that can help you to get what you need for whatever processes you have in mind.

cremation services

What Customizations Do You Want?

While there are many urns that look similar, you can also customize them with engravings, colors, material finishes, and many other things. The professionals helping you with your loved one’s cremation services can also help you go over those options. Contact Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home whenever you are ready for choices to consider.