Choosing An Urn For A Loved One After Cremation Services

cremation services

When a loved one passes on, you want to give them the best final services possible. You can do that with either funeral or cremation services, and if you choose cremation, you will likely choose a package with the funeral home. The packages are always good places to start because they include everything your loved one has to have to meet their needs. Even if the package is basic in nature, all of their needs will be met. After that, you can add whatever you want, and many families like to add an urn so their loved one has a nice container for their remains. It might be something that shows at the memorial service or even something you will keep in the family home. Here are some tips for choosing the product.

Remember Capacity

You will want to ask about capacity on the urns so you know what sizes will work for your loved one. The cremation provider can let you know what capacity you need based on your loved one’s height and weight. You can then look at urns that are that size or larger. You can also get several urns, as long as they add up to the right capacity, and that will work as well.

Exterior Measurements Matter For Placement

If you are going to place the urn somewhere, like in the family home, you need the exterior measurements to ensure that you have a good location for it. The internal capacity is a different issue and won’t help you know how large the urn is on the outside.

Look At Provider Options

The cremation providers are always going to have a lot of urn options. They will have things they can show you in person and there will be a lot of pictures to go over as well. You can change things, customize other things, and order whatever you want. Seeing the urns in person can help you get a feel for them and you can get ideas as you go through the options.

Consider Outside Vendors

If the provider you are working with doesn’t have what you want, or you just want to get something from another vendor, they will use whatever you provide to them. Their main goal is to ensure that you are able to honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit. If that means using an urn from another vendor, they are perfectly okay with doing that.

Determine Materials and Customizations

Think about what materials your loved one would appreciate in an urn, what you want for their memorial and what would look nice in your house, among other things, as you look at the style choices. You can also customize the urns in a variety of ways and that’s something to consider to give your loved one something truly unique.

cremation services

When you are working on cremation services for a loved one, the professionals are there to help you choose an urn, or direct you toward vendors that have what you want.