Considering Direct Cremation?

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When someone in your family passes on, you are going to have to have a funeral home and they will give you all of the options. Keep in mind that everything they carry is completely honorable and respectful. You really can’t choose wrong, no matter what direction you take. You will notice that direct cremation services are one of the options available to you. It might be an attractive option for a variety of reasons. Here are a few to consider:

1-It’s Less Expensive

You might be on a tight budget already or maybe your loved one left funds behind for their final services, but not a lot. You could choose direct cremation simply because it costs less and there’s nothing wrong with that. Direct cremation doesn’t cost as much as a full funeral or even as much as a full cremation service because it involves far fewer products and services. You don’t have funeral costs, a burial plot, a casket, or anything else of that nature that you have to cover. That will help you to afford what your loved one needs in a way that is much more manageable.

2-Simple To Arrange

There aren’t that many things you have to have in order to get a direct cremation prepared. Really, all you have to do is choose a cremation package and that is going to take care of your loved one’s needs. These packages, even those that are the most basic, have what you need. They include transportation for your loved one, the cremation process, and a simple container for their remains. That’s all they have to have. Choosing a package is easy enough and you know your loved one is going to get what they need.

3-Flexible Options

cremation servicesWith cremation, there are no timelines past the cremation portion of the process. Once your loved one has been cremated, you know they have what they need and you can do whatever else you want on your own timeline. You can have a memorial service now, or later. You can have something that feels like a funeral, or something more celebratory. You can decide on a final resting place now, or later. You can bury them, scatter them, or keep them, among other options. Since there are so many choices, it’s nice to know that you can take your time with them.

4-It’s What You Feel They Would Want

The biggest reason to choose cremation for a loved one is because you feel that’s what they would have wanted. Even if they didn’t leave that specific final wish behind, if you know them well enough, you can guess at what they would appreciate most. If that is cremation, moving forward with that option is a good way to go.

When you are working on what you want to do for a loved one, the cremation provider is there to show you the options, even those among cremation itself. There are no right or wrong answers and you can honor your loved one with anything you choose for them.