Cremation Service Options

cremation services

If you are considering cremation services for a loved one who has passed on, that’s a big decision to make on their behalf. You want to feel as if that’s what that person would want before you move forward because once the cremation is complete, it cannot be undone and you cannot go back. If you are sure that’s what you want, that’s one big decision out of the way. But then, you have to think about the options included with cremation and decide on other things from there. Here are some of the cremation options to consider.

Full Cremation With Complete Services

The cremation portion of this process is the same, but the timing of it is different. Cremation doesn’t happen right away, but rather is put off until after a visitation and funeral service have been completed. Your family can have the traditional services they might want to get closure and to say a final goodbye. They can then proceed with the cremation and figure out a final resting place from there.

Direct Cremation With No Earlier Services

This type of cremation happens much earlier and takes the funeral and visitation out of the picture. There are no services before the cremation. Rather, your loved one goes into the cremation process a lot faster after the paperwork is completed. You can, however, have whatever kind of service you want after the cremation is complete and there is no timeline on that and no limit on what you can do.

Memorial Service Choices

One of the most popular things to do after a direct cremation is to hold a memorial service. These services can be whatever you want them to be and they can happen at any time. Some people have them right away while others wait until a few weeks or months down the road when they have more time to plan something special. There can be services that feel more like funerals with traditions and formalities or they can be casual services held in a park. You might even consider a celebration of life to focus on happy memories instead of the sadness around their death.

Final Resting Places

After the memorial service, families often like to figure out the final resting place for their loved one. They might make this process a part of the memorial service, even. They could hold a small, intimate ash scattering service with close family members, for example, or they might have a burial service at home in their garden. There are a variety of final resting places available for cremated remains and you will have to figure out what suits your loved one and the rest of your family in the best ways.

cremation services

When you decide on cremation services for a loved one, it’s important to consider the options and details around that decision so you can take the right paths for your family member and the other people involved. The experts at Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home are here to help you through the planning process from start to finish.