Cremation Services Allow Unique Memorialization Options

cremation services

Many people are choosing cremation services for their family members when they pass on. That service is used in about half of the cases today and experts believe it will rise to as much as 80% in the future. One of the many reasons why cremation has become so popular is because it allows you to remember your loved one in unique ways after the cremation occurs. Here are some of those ways for you to consider when you are in that situation.

Cremation Jewelry

When your loved one is cremated, you get to decide what to do with their ashes after the fact. You don’t have a timeline on that process, which is nice, and can help you move forward with confidence when you are ready. One thing some families like to do is to get one or more pieces of cremation jewelry. You can place a bit of your loved one’s ashes inside the mini-urn and wear it or place it in a location of honor in your home. Many of these pieces are shaped like hearts, pendants, or crosses, but there are lots of options. Everyone can find something that suits them and it’s a nice way for many family members to keep your loved one close.

Ash Scattering

You can only carry this option out after cremation, not with a traditional funeral and burial. It’s a nice option when you want your loved one’s final resting place to be somewhere special and unique. You can scatter ashes in many different places, like a local park, private family grounds, and many other options. There are so many choices that any family can find a location that is special and unique for their loved one. It can honor your loved one and be meaningful for your family at the same time. The scattering ceremony is often small and intimate, and you can share stories of your loved ones and come back later to remember them in that location later as well.

Keeping Remains

You also can only do this if you cremate your loved one. No one wants to let go of someone special and when you cremate that person, you can keep their ashes in your home, if you so choose. Get a nice urn for their ashes and you can place it in a location of honor in your home. Some people put the urn in a china cabinet where it is safe while others put it on the fireplace mantel, in their bedroom, or even in the entryway of their home. You know your loved one best and it’s nice to know that you are honoring them and keeping them close to your family.

cremation services

When you go through cremation services for a loved one, there are unique things you can do for them afterward that you can’t do when you have a traditional funeral and burial. Consider the options before you move forward so you can take the right path for your family and your loved one.