Cremation Services Are Very Special

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It feels impossible to make decisions when you lose a loved one and don’t know what they would have wanted. But the professionals in the funeral home industry want you to know that no matter what you choose, a funeral or cremation services, your loved one will get the respect they deserve throughout the process. While funerals have a lot of traditions and can be very cathartic, cremation services give you the option of further customization and that can be very special. Here are some of the special things that can happen around cremation.

Unique Urns

While there are plenty of ways to customize caskets, they are limited while urns are not. There are so many different urn choices, anyone can find what they want. Not only are there unique urn colors, materials, and sizes, but there are cremation jewelry items, hollowed out books, stuffed animal urns, and so much more. You can find something that suits your loved one, but also something special and unique for the rest of your family.

Memorial Service Options

There are just as many memorial service options as there are urn choices. Memorial services can be whatever you want them to be and they can be held at any time that works well for your family. You can have something somber that feels more like a traditional funeral or you can go the other way and have a celebration of life. You can customize everything about the memorial from the location to the activities all the way to the food and beyond. You can do something completely unique that is special to your family and you know honors your loved one.

The Resting Place

While cemeteries are wonderful places for remains, and some people who use cremation still go with a traditional burial in an urn garden, it’s not the only option. You might feel like things are more special for your family is you scatter your loved one around the family property, on a lake they loved, or in another area. You might also want to keep them a part of the family and place them in a location of honor within the home so they are always with you. The resting place can end up feeling like a very special thing for your loved one and for the rest of the family.

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When you plan cremation services, while the cremation process itself is always the same, the things you do around that service can be very unique and special. If you want to talk to the professionals about the options, they always have ideas and suggestions that might help you with the planning process. Contact the experts at Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home to get your loved one’s needs met with a basic cremation package and then talk to them about what you might add to the package to make things unique. They want you to be able to honor your loved one in whatever special way you see fit from the service to the urn and more.