Customizing Cremation Service Urns

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When you decide that cremation services are a good fit for your recently deceased loved one, there are lots of options for things you can do around those services. Once you choose a funeral home, they will show you cremation packages. Even the basic cremation packages are going to cover everything your loved one needs, including a cremation container that is simple and will work well for their remains. However, a lot of family members are going to want an urn for that person and when you are getting a container, it’s nice to customize it to make it as special as possible. Here are a few things to consider as you choose something nice for your loved one.

Choose The Right Urn Style

There are many different urn styles and you will want to get something you feel suits your family and your loved one. There are urns that look like boxes and those that are tall and tube-like. There are also urns in a variety of other shapes and you will want to use that style as a way to customize what you want for your loved one.

Get The Size Your Loved One Needs

The urn has to be the right size in order to work well for your loved one. Urns, like caskets, come in different sizes and your loved one will need a certain size based on their height and weight. You can ask the funeral home what size you need and they can tell you what to look for. You can get a size that is larger than necessary, but don’t go smaller than what they recommend.

Find A Nice Material

There are so many different urn materials that you can find something suitable for anyone you want to create something for. Some of the popular materials include wood, metal, ceramic, marble, and even plastic. Think about how the urn will be displayed and what would look nice around it. You can choose a material and then customize that material as well. Wood, for example, comes from many different trees and you can make it even more unique with different finishes or paint colors.

Look At A Color Your Loved One Appreciated

Your loved one might have had a liking of a certain color and you may want to incorporate that color into their urn. If they adored blue, get a marble urn in a blue color or paint a wood urn, at least in part, their favorite color. That color can help you to think of them every time you see the urn.

Add Engravings For Unique Aspects

Many different urn materials can be made completely unique based on things you can paint on them or engrave into them. Wood and metal can be engraved while you can paint things onto ceramic. You might want a picture of something specific or perhaps your loved one’s name or a saying that reminds you of them. The urn can make the cremation services with Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home that much more special for your family.