Direct Cremation Cares For Deceased And Family

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If you want to have cremation services for a loved one, direct cremation allows you to cremate your loved one soon after their death without any other services beforehand. Once the services are complete, you can move forward with your grief, have memorial services when you want, and choose the final resting place when you are ready. Here are a few reasons why direct cremation cares for your loved one’s needs, but also for the family members who will miss that person.

Grief Can Happen First

When you go with direct cremation, you can have services for your loved one whenever you want in the future. It’s a nice way to allow yourself to grieve first, and then move forward with memorial services and other things you want for them. Grieving first can give you time to clear your mind and plan something really special that you are confident about for your family.

Loved One’s Needs Are Met, Giving Peace OF Mind

When you have direct cremation done, you are caring for your loved one’s needs. All you have to do is get a cremation package. Even if the package is basic, it will have the things your loved one needs. Even the simple packages will give your loved one transportation to the funeral home, the cremation process, and a simple container for their remains. You can add whatever you want right away, or even later on, but even the basic packages will care for your loved one’s needs. When the cremation is complete, your loved one has what they need and you will have peace of mind that they are set.

Family Concentrates On Memories And Not Plans

Direct cremation allows your family to grieve at their own pace, and in their own way. They can concentrate on memories of your loved one and the life they led instead of the planning process. Those plans can take place whenever you want, but the fact that you can set your own timeline allows you to concentrate on what made your loved one special.

Memorial Services Can Be Whatever You Want

Funerals are traditional and generally follow a certain pattern. But memorial services after direct cremation can be whatever you want them to be. You are able to customize them in any way you want. You can showcase certain things about their personality, give them a celebration, or have something more traditional in nature. Whatever you want for that person, you can have.

cremation services

Resting Places Are Special

When you decide on a resting place, remember that with cremation, it can be whatever you want it to be. You can bury your loved one in the cemetery, but you can also scatter the ashes in a special location. You can also keep your loved one in your home in a place of honor.

If you are considering cremation services for a loved one’s disposition method, you can go with full or direct cremation. The decision is completely yours, but direct cremation comes with a lot of benefits.