Fundraising For Cremation Service Needs

cremation services

While cremation services are less costly than any funeral service, they still have a cost to them and if you weren’t expecting the death, it can still be hard to cover those costs at the last minute. You might not have the funds you need, but your loved one has needs and you want to care for them in an honorable manner. A community member or friend might offer to fundraise for you and that’s always a nice thing to do. You can also set something up yourself. Here are some in-person or online ways to raise funds to cover cremation expenses.

Have A Community Dinner

Whether you specialize in soup, spaghetti, or pancakes, the community often loves to come together for a good meal for a good cause. You can put a price on the meal, making sure you can cover the expenses of the meal and have extra for the fundraising portion of the event. You can also expect people to put extra money in, or tell the volunteers to ‘keep the change’ to go toward the cause. You might be surprised how fast the money adds up.

Host A Car Wash

During certain times of the year, everyone needs their car rinsed off and there may be teens, kids, and even adults in your family who are more than willing to get soapy for the cause. Find a good sized parking lot that will allow the event and send a couple of people out with signs to draw in customers. Once people understand the cause, again, they will probably give extra to help you to raise what you need.

An Online Auction

If you have items that you feel might be auction-worthy, or you are willing to part with things your loved one had, you might have an online auction for those items. Or, you can auction off services that family is willing to put together. If you have a family member who likes taking pictures, for example, allow someone to big on their services for a family photo. Someone else could offer yard card and another could pet sit. There are plenty of options and the online auction can add up fast, too.


One of the easiest things you can do is create a crowdfunding account. Those fundraisers are easy to share with family and friends and when people see the need is real, they will often give to it in a generous manner.

cremation services

What If You Raise Too Much?

When people hear that you need help covering cremation services for a loved one who has passed on, they will likely give generously to help you to cover those needs. You might end up gathering too much, in fact. You have more than you need, which is a real blessing. The surplus can go toward a memorial service, a permanent memorial, or even a charitable donation.

If you need to get cremation services for a loved one, and you don’t have the funds, it can be hard to figure things out, but fundraisers can help.