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When you decide that you want to bury a loved one after they pass on, funeral homes can help you with that process. They work closely with cemeteries and are able to recommend plots, help with prices, and allow you to get everything you need from the process. While funerals, in general, are going to cost more than a cremation service, you can go with a direct burial and still get some of what you may want for your loved one. Here’s some information on the direct burial process.

It’s A Less Expensive Option

Instead of having a funeral first, you can send your loved one directly into the burial process and that can save you on the costs of the processes. You may be able to afford the burial if you skip the funeral. You wouldn’t have to embalm your loved one and you wouldn’t have to pay for a location for the visitation or funeral service, either. You can have a ceremony at the cemetery and then they can be laid to rest after that.

Direct Burial Is Honorable

Funeral and cremation services are equally honorable and respectful. The same is true for a direct burial process. Your loved one is being buried in a dignified manner and that might be all you really want for them.

The Choice Is Efficient And Effective

Not everyone wants a big to do around their final service. When you choose direct burial for your loved one, you are doing something efficient that is also effective. It’s direct and to the point and they get what they need in a straightforward manner that you may feel fits their personality.

It Includes Ceremonial, Traditional Aspects

While you are skipping the visitation and funeral service, you are still getting ceremonial, traditional things from a direct burial. Your loved one’s final resting place is in a cemetery and you can visit them there, are you would have after a funeral. You can also have the burial portion of the service and get those traditions in as well. It’s a nice way to get the closure you need and allow your family to say their final goodbyes.

Your Loved One’s Needs Are Met

The most important thing you need to do after someone in your family member passes on is take care of their needs. They can no longer take care of themselves, so you have to do those things for them. If you bury them in a direct manner, their needs will be met and you will know you have cared for them in an appropriate manner.

funeral homes

Working with the professionals at funeral homes will help you decide what you want to do for your loved one. They will give you options and allow you the space you need to make the right decisions for your family. They will support whatever you decide and give you details to make informed decisions. Contact Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home when you need help with a loved one’s final services.