Funeral Home Service Trends

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Do you keep up with any trends? Maybe, maybe not. But when you are going to get something new for your home, you might like to know what the trends in that area are so you don’t get something that’s already out of style, or something that will soon go out of style. When you work with a funeral home on final services, either for a loved one who has passed on, or for yourself, you aren’t worried about style, but rather what is right for the person in question. If you aren’t sure what they wanted, or what you might want for yourself yet, that’s okay. Knowing the trends can help you learn what other people appreciate right now and that might hit the right tone for you, too. Here are some of the trends the funeral homes are seeing right now.

Home Memorial Services

If you have a memorial service for your loved one, it can be in any location you choose. Memorial services generally happen after cremation, or after a burial service, has occurred. They can be whatever you want and wherever you want them to be. People are finding it comforting to have these services on home turf where their family is comfortable. Having a family meal, an open house, a back yard picnic, or something else of that sort can be just what your loved one would appreciate.

Direct Cremation Services

Funerals are used in about half of today’s cases, which means cremation has taken over the market for the other half. Direct cremation is the most popular option under the cremation umbrella. It occurs soon after someone passes on without services beforehand. Then, after the cremation is complete, you can have a memorial at any time and figure out the final resting place at your leisure as well. Direct cremation isn’t going anywhere, either, and experts expect that it will rise to up to 80% usage in the future.

Green Choices

Many people are concerned about the well-being of the earth and they want to do what they can to help, even through end of life services. There are plenty of green options, like using an urn that disintegrates in water or underground or planting a memorial garden or trees for a loved one after their death. The funeral home can help with more such options.

Planning In Advance

funeral homesThere are no requirements to plan your own final services ahead of time, but it is a big trend to do just that. You can get the services laid out and your family has less to worry about when the time comes. You can also pay for the services ahead of time and that can help you to relieve your family of the costs, too. Not everyone plans, but those who do have peace of mind over the future.

Whether you want to plan your own services ahead of time, or you need to work with a funeral home on behalf of a loved one who has passed on, the professionals can let you in on current trends.