Funeral Homes Serve Families

Funeral homes

Funeral homes serve families as they take care of our loved ones who have died. Perhaps the hardest phone call you will take is when the hospital or hospice care agency calls. Then, you have to make a hard call to the funeral home after your loved one dies.

That step of contacting the funeral home is the first real acknowledgement that your loved one is gone. It will be hard. You may not make contact with the funeral home right away or you may ask the hospital or the hospice care agency to give you a little time with your loved one before they make the call to the funeral home.

However, once the phone call to the funeral home is made, you can be rest assured that you have an empathetic and compassionate team of professionals serving you and your family as you go through the funeral process for your loved one who has died.

The first thing that you need to know about how the funeral home is serving you and your family is that your loved one is in capable hands that will show honor and respect to them every step of the way.

After the call to the funeral home is made, representatives from the funeral home will come to wherever your loved one is and transport them to the funeral home. If your loved one died at home, the funeral home staff will show great dignity and respect to both your loved one and your family as they remove them.

If you want to say a goodbye, the funeral home staff will respectfully step aside and allow you to do that. Before your loved one exits your home, the funeral home staff will cover them to preserve their dignity and they will respect your privacy so that the whole neighborhood can’t gawk and hover as your loved one is being removed.

The funeral home staff will also talk with you about meeting with the funeral director to make funeral arrangements. They will let you know when you should come to the funeral home and will answer any questions that you have about your meeting with the funeral director.

Even though you and your family will still be in shock and grieving over the death of your loved one, you will experience a sense of peace because the funeral home will make sure that you know that they are serving your loved one and they are serving you as they meet all the needs that you have each step of the way.

Funeral homes serve families by offering support and comfort throughout the funeral process. When you go to make funeral arrangements, you will find that the funeral director will walk you through each aspect of the funeral planning process with wisdom, kindness, and patience.

You will never feel rushed to make a decision or pressured into doing anything you are unsure about. If you need some time to think about finalizing the funeral plans for your loved one, you will find that the funeral director will graciously give you the extra time that you need.

Funeral homes

Additionally, while you’re at the funeral home making arrangements for your loved one, the funeral home will accommodate you and your family if you want to see your loved one or if you want them to save a lock of your loved one’s hair to return to you after the funeral.

The funeral home’s main purpose is to serve families, and even though you are dealing with the death of someone you love, you will come away from the experience with good memories and an appreciation of all they have done for you.

If you would like more information about planning funerals at funeral homes, our empathetic and knowledgeable staff at Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home can assist you.