Is It Good To Have A Funeral Home With A Crematory?

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If you want to have a cremation for a loved one, there are two different kinds of funeral homes to consider. While most funeral homes offer cremation services today, not every funeral home has a crematory on-site right there at their facilities. So there are funeral homes that outsource the cremation and those that do it in-house. Which is best for your loved one and your family? While either can work, you might feel better about a funeral home that has their own crematory. Here’s why.

Your Loved One Is In The Same Hands

When your loved one is transported from the place of their death to the funeral home’s facilities, they remain in that facility for the duration of the process. You know they aren’t going to be moved again. They are taken in, cared for, and then, once the paperwork is ready, the cremation is processed. Their remains are collected and put into the urn of your choice and they are returned to you. The same people you spoke with in the beginning are the ones who cared for them the whole way through.

Your Loved One Isn’t Moved

It’s nice to think that once your loved one is in the funeral home, they don’t have to be moved again. It can take longer to process the cremation is they have to be moved from the funeral home to the crematory site and then back again. Plus, you might not like the idea of your loved one being disturbed anymore than necessary for the process. Having it all in one location means they are in one spot and that’s it.

You Can Tour The Crematory

If you want to see what the cremation process is like, or you want to see the crematory and tour the facilities before your loved one gets to that stage, it’s completely possible when the funeral home has the crematory right there in house. They can show you the process themselves and help you feel comfortable with the ideas and elements. If the cremation happens outside the funeral home, that might not be possible.

It Gives You Peace Of Mind

Once you hand your loved one over to someone you trust, it can give you peace of mind to know that those people are the ones who are going to process the cremation and that they will be there to oversee your loved one’s care the whole way through. They are never being passed to another person or location.

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Working with funeral homes usually means you have the option of cremation, but you might want to clarify whether or not the facility has a crematory and other services you may want to go along with the cremation you desire. The professionals at Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home are here to answer any questions you have about cremation and the processes that happen around it. We can give you tours, talk over the phone, or meet in person.