Making A Funeral Home Service Stand Out

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As you look into planning final services for a loved one with funeral homes, you might decide to take the traditional route and go with a funeral. While you might feel like the traditions and rituals will get in the way of your loved one’s individuality, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. Here are a few ways you can add customized touches and create a funeral service that honors your loved one, but also stands out as special for your family.

Memorable Prelude Music

Before the funeral begins, there might be music planning in the background. You can also have a prelude that plays before the service begins. Make that music something your family will recognize as your loved one’s favorite songs, perhaps. That can help you to set the tone for the service and it can also help you to remind people of your loved one at the same time.

The Right Scriptures

Many people like to have scripture readings at the funeral service. You could replace that with a poem or another reading, too. The right scriptures can give your family a sense of hope. You can choose your loved one’s favorites, if you know it. Or you can get some advice from professionals and go with something about love, hope, or the future. That can help everyone to have something to hold onto as the service continues.

A Lovely Eulogy And Tribute

Many funerals have a portion that is called the eulogy, which can be done by a celebrant, a pastor, a family member, a friend, or whoever else you choose. You want someone who knows your loved one and can weave stories into their talk. That eulogy is something that can really stand out and highlight your loved one’s style and personality in all the right ways. The person you choose will become important to how the service goes, as a whole.

Special Music

While there is often music before and after a service, you can also include special music in the service. You might have someone sing, play piano, offer a guitar song, or something else of that sort. That song can become very special to your family as time passes and it might be something you use to think of your loved one whenever you want to reminisce about them.

Floral Decorations

Flowers are a common decoration in the background of a funeral service, but the flowers you choose can be unique and stand out, if you want something specific. Perhaps your loved one adored red roses, so you ask that every bouquet feature that flower. Or, you can decorate with a happy-flower, like daisies, to signify the hope in the future. The colors and flowers can help you to set a style and tone, too.

funeral homes

Surrounding Photos

You can keep your loved one’s image at the front of the funeral home by selecting photos that you want to share at the funeral. You can choose a larger picture to place at the front and family shots to place in other locations.