Remembering Your Parent After Funeral Home Services

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When a parent dies, it can feel hard to move forward with your own life after their services with funeral homes. But your parents are always going to be a part of you and there are plenty of things you can do to remember them as time goes by. Here are some of the things that you might try, all of which can help you in your grieving process as well as in your remembrance as time passes.

Write Them A Letter

You may not be able to call your parent whenever you want to now, but you can write them a letter and that can be a cathartic way to go. Perhaps you lived a few towns over from your parents and to keep in touch, you wrote letters or even emailed back and forth. The written word can help you vent emotions and say thing that you might not feel able to say out loud. Just getting it out can help you in remembering the good times and the good things about your parents.

Listen To Their Music Genre Of Choice

Your parents probably had a certain musical genre that they appreciated and enjoyed. If they were into the oldies, listening to that type of music when you drive sometimes can bring back memories of them singing along when they took you to school. Music has a way of bringing up all sorts of emotions and your parents had favorites that can help you through hard days.

Plant A Tree In Their Honor

It can be nice to have something close by to remember your parents by on a daily basis. Plant a tree in their honor and watch it grow over the years. You are bringing new life into the world, in spite of your parent’s death. You will enjoy their tree as the birds take to the branches, the colors change in the fall, and the tree grows in strength and height.

Have A Family Dinner

Your family was always important to your parents and to honor and remember them, it’s important to you as well. Have a family dinner, perhaps on your parent’s anniversary or on their birthday. You can make their favorite meal, gather those you love the most, and share memories with one another to start a new normal in all of your lives.

Start New Traditions With The Family

IT’s going to feel hard to move past the absence of your parents, but there are still a lot of people in your life who love you, and who you love. Start some new traditions with your family that you know your parents would have appreciated. It will give you something to look forward to and can really help you to move ahead.

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Volunteer Your Time

If your parents volunteered their time, or made donations to a certain charity, you can do the same to honor them. Take their spot after their services with funeral homes to honor their memory.