Saying Thank You After Cremation Services

cremation services

When you have cremation services for a loved one, you will likely receive an outpouring of support from friends and the community. You may want to keep track of the people who do things for you and send items to the funeral home so you can thank them later. Once the final services are behind you and you’ve had a little time to grieve and reflect on the events. There are several ways you can thank the people who extended their kindness to you during such a difficult time in your life. Here are a few ways to consider.

Send A Written Card

Most people will grab thank you cards from the store and write direct notes to each person who did something for them, who sent flowers, or who mailed a card with money in it. These thank you cards can take time to write, but you don’t have to knock them all out at once. Make it a goal to write a few a day and personalize each of them with what that person did for you and what it meant to you. It can be a very special thing for them to get and they need to know their support meant something.

Make Some Phone Calls

If you aren’t good at writing, you might consider making a phone call instead. It can be hard to talk to people when you are still emotional, so give yourself some time and make phone calls gradually instead. They will likely be glad to hear from you and will want to know how you are doing.

Distribute The Need Among Family Members

Even if you were the person in charge of the final services, that doesn’t mean you have to do all the thanking. You might have a family member whose office pooled money and sent flowers. It makes more sense for that family member to write a thank you to those people.

cremation services

Send Emails Or Texts

If you don’t have the money for stamps or the time for phone calls, you could also send a text or email a thank you letter. While these aren’t as traditional, they are much more common. The point is to let the person know that you appreciate their gesture. However, how you do that is completely up to you.

If you need more advice on thanking people who helped around your loved one’s cremation services, the experts at Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home are always here with ideas and options to help you get that appreciation out.