Should You Choose Direct Cremation?

cremation services

There are many different services to think about when you work with professionals on a final service for yourself in advance. Even if you are thinking about cremation services, you are going to want to know what the options are among that choice. Cremation is done the same way every time, but there are lots of choices to make around it. For example, there’s full and direct cremation. Look into the choices so you can make the right choice for yourself.

Research All Cremation Options

Cremation has two main options from most funeral homes: full and direct cremation. Full cremation starts with a visitation and full funeral. Then, after those events are complete, you would continue into cremation. It’s a nice way to get some of the traditions included while proceeding with cremation. You can vary your resting place in any way you’d like, but still give your family some of the ceremony they might need to get closure. On the other hand, there’s direct cremation, which is also a great option. With this form of cremation, there are no final services of any kind before the cremation process takes place. You go directly into cremation soon after your death. You can, however, have whatever kind of memorial service afterwards. You can also have whatever resting place you want and the timeline is not rushes on any of those things.

Look Over Packages

Once you think you know what type of cremation you want, you can then look over the package options. Funeral homes have packages to cover any type of cremation and they will all cover everything you have to have. Even a basic package will meet your needs. You can, of course, add anything you want to the package, like a specific urn, a memorial service, or other such things.

Think Over Pre-Payment

If you decide what you want for your services and put those plans into place, you then have the option of paying for those things in advance as well, if you choose to do so. You don’t have to—it’s never required, but it can be a nice thing to do for your family. You are able to pay today’s prices, which allows you to save money. And, your family does not have to worry about paying for things when your time comes.

Consider Memorial Service Choices

When you plan ahead, you get to plan out as much as you want. You can plan your own cremation, but you can also plan the memorial service you might want to have take place at that time. If you want a life celebration, you can plan those details. If you want something more traditional, put those elements into place. It’s a nice way for your family to know what you want.

cremation services

Think On Final Resting Places

You can also decide what you want your final resting place to be, whether it’s an urn in a family home, burial in a garden, or ash scattering after your cremation services.