Steps Involved In The Cremation Process

cremation services

It never hurts to know more about cremation services in case you decide you want to go that route for your own future plans or in case you have to make plans for a loved one. While many people understand the basics, it can help to know the steps involved with cremation in order to feel completely comfortable with the process as a whole. Here are some such steps:

1-Identify The Deceased

Before the cremation process starts, the funeral home is going to identify the deceased. Some people might worry that there can be mix ups and the remains they get back might not be their loved one. Those types of mistakes just can’t happen because of the identification processes the professionals have in place. Your loved one’s identity is checked and rechecked and everyone involved is very careful with those processes.

2-Prepare The Person And Place Into Cremation Container

Once the person is identified, their body is prepared for the cremation process. Anything metal they might have on, like a ring, glasses, or other such items, will be removed. They also have to have metallic items removed from their body if they happen to have anything that was placed inside at one point or another. After those processes are completed, the person is placed into the cremation container to continue things from there.

3-Cremate The Remains

After the person is prepared and in the container, they can be placed in the cremation chamber. Their body is then heated to a high degree and turned into an ash-like substance. Any substances left that are not broken down are then ground into ashes and all of the remains are together at all times.

4-Place The Remains In A Container

The cremation process is completed and then the person’s remains are placed into a container. Any cremation package you purchase will include a simple container, which is somewhat like a nice cardboard box. These containers are straightforward, but they work just fine. Some families want something different and they are welcome to purchase an urn of any kind for their loved one. They can get something from the funeral home or even from an outside vendor and the provider will use it.

5-Return The Person To Their Family

After the cremated remains are placed inside the container of choice, the person’s remains will be returned to the family within that container. The family can then move on to have a memorial service or decide on a final resting place.

cremation services

There are many different things that happen around cremation services and if you want to know more about any of them, the professionals at Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home are here to help. Give us a call and we will answer any questions you have. We will offer you any support and compassion you need throughout the planning process and we have advice and suggestions to help you figure out what you want to do in any situation. There’s no pressure to make a phone call to us.