Unique Funeral Home Gifts To Pass Out To Guests

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There are lots of different ways you can make services with funeral homes unique and special. If you know what you want for the order of events, the location, the date, and time, there are other things you might want to do to make things feel even more unique, like passing out a gift to the people who attend those services. Here are some of the items you might consider.

Pocket Charms

Pocket charms are small items that people can carry around in their pockets. When they notice the item in their pocket, they can hold it, think of your loved one, and have a physical reminder of that person. The charm might be a cardinal, a coin with a message on it, an angel, a cross, or something else. The item will be small, but meaningful to your family and a good remind of your loved one.


Perhaps your loved one enjoyed gardening. Even if they had a black thumb, if they appreciated plants and flowers, you might feel good about handing out seed packages to those who attend the final service. Ask everyone to plan those seeds in their own gardens and around their homes and that can be a nice way to memorialize your loved one all over the place.

Small Memorial Stones

You can get smooth stones that have messages on them, are of a certain color, perhaps have a heart on it, or something else to pass around. Those stones are something people can carry in their pockets or display at home as a reminder of your loved one and the great person they were.

Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets are inexpensive to have made and they can be a nice way for people to have something to remind them of your loved one. You can put their name on it, a phrase they liked, hearts, or something else to remind people of them whenever they wear the item.

Custom Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are not only delicious, but they can also be meaningful when you pull out the right fortune. You can have customized cookies made with fortunes included that can be great reminders of your loved one. They might include something your loved one liked to say or a suggestion for something they like to do. The message inside is completely up to you, but it can mean a lot to those who take them home.

Bookmark Pictures

If you want your loved one to go with each person who came to honor them, choose a favorite picture of them and make bookmarks out of it. Everyone has a picture of your loved one to take home along with something practical they can use. This is an especially good idea if your loved one liked to read.

funeral homes

When you are working with professionals at funeral homes, they are going to have a lot of options available for you to think through, including suggestions for gifts you can pass out to guests who attend the final service.