Visiting The Cemetery Around Funeral Home Services

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One of the things you might have to do when you are arranging traditional final services for a loved one with funeral homes is to visit the cemetery. The cemetery may be where you plan to locate your loved one and when you look into the plots and that final resting place, you are going to want to be respectful to the property and the grounds as a whole. Whether you visit the cemetery to look for a plot, for the burial service, or later on to remember your loved one by visiting their grave, there are certain things you are going to want to keep in mind.

Follow Listed Rules

Most cemeteries have rules listed at their entrance and you are going to want to take note of those. If you visit often enough, you don’t have to stop and read them every time, but if you are not yet familiar with their rules, brush up on them by reading the sign. The rules might include visiting hours, rules about disposing of trash, and other such things.

Talk Quietly

When you are in the cemetery, you never know who else is there or what they are going through. It’s respectful to speak in a quiet voice as you visit your loved one, talk to the cemetery professionals about the plot options, or visit with a family member. Keep your voice low so you don’t disturb anyone else, as you would want them to do for you.

Drive Carefully

When you reach the cemetery grounds, you are going to drive into the property and perhaps park in the designated area. Watch the signs as some cemeteries have certain directions you have to drive. Drive slowly, at or below the posted speed limits, and be careful in watching for pedestrians. Don’t drive or park on the grass, either. That could be someone’s final resting place.

Be On Time For Burials

If you are going to visit the cemetery for a burial service, you want to be on time for that process. Many families will process from the funeral home to the cemetery for the burial after a funeral. Don’t make any stops along the way as you might be late. If the family is having a direct burial service, it’s much like a funeral in that there will be a hard start time and you don’t want to be late for that, either.

Show Respect To Graves

When you are in the cemetery, show respect to the graves where others are resting. Don’t walk over them, leave trash around them, or take etchings of the stones.

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Avoid Using Your Phone

While it’s not generally prohibited, you don’t want to take a work call and talk loudly when you are visiting the cemetery. You could disrupt others who are there burying loved ones or who are visiting people who are laid to rest there. Let the calls go to voicemail and answer them later. If you have questions about other cemetery behaviors, funeral homes can help.