What Song Types To Plan At A Funeral

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As you work on planning a loved one’s final services, there are a lot of details that go into planning traditional services. The professionals at funeral homes are going to be there for you every step of the way. They know what you need to plan and when things need to get lined up to keep the timeline on track. One thing that can make the service special is the music. You can customize the service style and feel through the songs you choose. Here are types of songs you might consider.

Songs The Deceased Adored

Everyone has a favorite song. What did your loved one adore? Do they listen to country? Pop rock? Choose some of the songs your loved one adored and fit them into the service. You can play some of them before or after the service, or you can even have a cousin sing a song in the middle. Choosing their favorites can bring up emotions and make the songs that much more memorable as you move into the future.

Songs That Speak About Peace

If you aren’t sure what songs would be suitable for a funeral, you could look at lyrics and figure out what songs talk about peace. You want your loved one to be peaceful in their rest and songs that sing about that peace can be soothing to those in attendance.

Lullaby Songs

It might sound strange, but songs that are quiet and sound more like a lullaby can also be a nice way to go. Your loved one is gone and they are not coming back, but some people relate death to a longer sleep that people don’t wake from. It’s a nice type of background music that can be soft, quiet, and soothing to those who attend the funeral.

Typical Funeral Songs

The funeral home is going to have a list of songs that are typically used at funerals and you can always take a look at that list and choose from it with ease. You can customize your loved one’s funeral however you want and music can be a big part of that. But it can also be nice to have something that feels traditional so it can usher your family through the process in a standard manner.

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Many people like to have funerals in church, but even if you have the service in the funeral home, you can use hymns as a part of the service. You might choose hymns your loved one liked, or hymns that are often used at funerals, like Amazing Grace.

There are no hard and fast right or wrong answers for music that you might use for a final service. You are doing the best you can with the situation you are working within. The professionals at the funeral home are there to help you figure out what you want to do with ideas, advice, options, and guidance every step of the way. Talk to them about music and everything else.