What To Do With The Eulogy At Funeral Homes

funeral homes

If you are asked to speak at a friend or family member’s final service, perhaps the people in charge want you to give a eulogy. This is a very special part of the services at funeral homes and can be something people remember as they look back on the funeral later on. Here are some things you can do with that special message to honor the person who passed on.

Include Basic Details

Most of the people who attend the funeral are going to be family members and friends who are there to honor someone who passed on. But there might be some outsiders that came because they know another member of the family and want to support them. Including some of the basic details about the person’s life, like who they were married to, who their kids are, what their career was like and so on, can help those people understand who they are there to honor.

Share Memories

The eulogy is going to often be made up of several fond memories. Those memories might be directly from you or, you could gather memories from the family that you are able to share on their behalf as part of the eulogy. You want the memories to be something that people will enjoy hearing about. Talk about how the person got you your first date with your spouse or how they were always playing pranks back in your college days. Happy memories about the good life they led are the best idea.

Make People Smile

Funerals have a lot of ceremonies and traditions to them and the eulogy is an opportunity to make people smile and remember the person who passed away in a different way. The memories you share or the quotes the person always used are ways to make people smile or even laugh in that person’s honor. While there will be plenty of tears at the service, having some smiles and laughs can make the eulogy even more special.

Honoring The Person

The eulogy also needs to simply honor the person everyone has gathered to celebrate. Talk about things that made them special, but also try to keep the eulogy short and sweet so it’s not too long and involved. Usually a time limit between 10 and 15 minutes works well to keep people listening and engaged without talking for too long.

funeral homes

If you have been asked to give the eulogy at funeral homes, you might want some advice from people who know what they are talking about in anything funeral-related. The professionals at Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home are here to talk you through the process and to help support you as you write up something memorable and touching. It’s an honor to give a eulogy and the experts feel it is an honor to help those who are put into that position. We can give you examples, read what you have written up, offer advice, and help in any other way we can.