Why Choose Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home for Your Loved One’s Service

funeral home in Binghamton

For those who live in smaller communities, such as Deposit, NY or Montrose, PA, you will find you have little opportunity for comparison when selecting a funeral home to provide funeral and cremation services.  With a lack of competition funeral directors in smaller communities may not work as hard to provide you the best services at the lowest price. 

Sometimes it makes perfect sense to you use your local funeral home, especially when you have a viewing or visitation in the town where you live. There are other times it makes sense to consider using a funeral home in Binghamton, even though you live in an area like Deposit, Montrose or even Windsor. 

Since most deaths occur at a hospital or nursing home in Binghamton, Johnson City or Vestal, sometimes it is as convenient to consider using a Binghamton Funeral Home, such as Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home, particularly when cremation is involved, and you are not using your hometown funeral home as a place for the actual ceremony. Even though we are in Binghamton, the Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home provide services for cremations and funerals all throughout the area, including Montrose, Deposit and Endicott. 

Since we are located in a more competitive environment, we work harder to provide a higher level of service and a more affordable pricing structure to work within your budget. Understanding that you may not wish to drive to our office to make the plans, we offer the convenience of in-home meetings where we drive to you to secure the necessary information to complete a death certificate and secure the necessary authorizations for cremation. We will even deliver the cremated remains or ashes back to your home at no additional cost to you. We also help plan and coordinate scheduling of services which are held in your church, social halls or restaurants. 

By comparing your local funeral home with one in a nearby community you are likely to find you will save hundreds and sometimes even more than a thousand dollars.