Why Choose Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home?


When people opt for cremations in their funeral plans, they want to make sure that they entrust their funerals to the best funeral home in their area. There are many funeral homes around Broome County and nearby areas that accentuate their generations of service to the families in their respective communities.

From Endicott, NY to Deposit, NY to Greene, NY or even to nearby Montrose, PA, all the funeral homes highlight their family tradition of service to the residents of their area. When you’re selecting funeral services, cremation services or other celebration of life services offered by funeral homes, how much weight does this carry in your final decision?

We think that it is a good question to ask. The truth is that, while longevity may indicate sound funeral practices and a good business model, it is, ultimately, less important than the quality of service and variety of services a funeral home offers to the people in its community.

It’s important to understand that a funeral home’s past history of service to those in our community who are seeking the broadest spectrum of services, including simple burial options or low cost cremation options, is not necessarily an indication that every funeral home is able to meet your individualized needs.

Very few funeral homes around Binghamton, Montrose, Deposit, Endicott and Johnson City are owned by an individual with the same name that is on the funeral home sign. Some are owned by descendants of the founder, but they themselves have a different family name. Others are owned by funeral directors with no attachment to the name of the business other than that they purchased it. We fall into that last category.

The Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home is proudly owned and operated by Kurt Eschbach, a first-generation funeral director. While we are proud that the origins of our funeral home date back through two generations of the Hopler family to 1936, the reality is that it is who is serving you today that is important – that is why we put our name on the sign – so you know who is going to serve you and your family.

When selecting a funeral home for your cremation service, green burial, or traditional funeral, the most important factor that you should consider is not the physical or generational longevity of a particular funeral home, but instead how a funeral home and their present staff is going to meet your needs today in serving your family by honoring all your requests.

Today’s funerals are different from funerals in the past. Today, many people prefer a celebration of life service with no or few religious influences, or they might prefer a viewing followed by a cremation, or a traditional ceremony with a ground burial or entombment.

No matter what your preferences or tastes, or even where you live (we serve families from all over Broome County, Chenango County and Susquehanna County), the funeral directors at the Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home will help you create an affordable and meaningful ceremony within your budget.

At the Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home, we believe the most important service is not the service we provided years or decades ago, but the service we are providing right now. We believe the right to serve a family is earned every day by listening to our client families and fulfilling their requests and carrying out their wishes down to the smallest detail.

We invite you to visit our funeral home and meet our staff – all first generation funeral directors – whose only goal is to earn the privilege of serving you and your family for all of your funeral and cremations needs both today and in the future. Come see us at our funeral home at 483 Chenango St., Binghamton, NY 13901, or call us today at (607) 722-4023.